85fathoms was born in 2013 and it brings together elements of an evolving craft and engineering journey that has spanned decades.

Very early formative years helping my father with his boat building and boat repair projects fostered a keen interest within me in crafting, construction  engineering and ultimately the sheer joy of making things. To be able to turn a pile of materials into a crafted functional and artistic form has held my attention for as long as I can remember .

A long career in mechanical engineering coupled with my own boat building and boat restoration projects has paved the way for me to establish the 85fathoms studio,  the home of handmade excellence.

The 85fathoms studio is based in the ropewalk arts and craft centre in Barton upon Humber  North Lincolnshire.  From the studio my aim is to produce solely by hand outstanding pieces of furniture that blend a simple elegant design ethos with sound engineering construction and an artistic rich aesthetic. My use of laminated curves,  contrasting wood types and engineering artistry enable me to break free from the constraints of the more typical woodwork approach    

Whilst some of my pieces carry a common design theme they are all very much individual in nature and the designs can be used to produce more individual pieces to customer requirements.  I also undertake complete bespoke commissions upon request