Commissions Commissions Commissions
A cornerstone of 85fathoms is the ability and desire to undertake commissions. Commissions can be completely new pieces in design or based on some of my existing work.

Hand making each piece results in fluid design possibilities that can be translated into a truly bespoke piece for the client. To date several commissions have been based on some of my existing designs but altered and developed to suit specific requirements. 

Specific requirements can be things such as different wood choices, dimensional changes, small finishing detail changes. I encourage client involvement throughout the design and making of the piece. In short there is really no standard design.

The photographs above show a commission of a pair of matching bedside tables and lamps. In this case the client really appreciated the 85fathoms simple elegant stool design. Based on this I used the stool design as a starting point and altered the design to become two stunning elegant bedside tables. The lamps remained faithfull to the original bow lamp design but with the use of walnut as a contrasting wood type which matched the walnut used for the table tops. All in all this produced a stunning and completely bespoke set of furniture